Microadventure Once a Month

1/12 January

  •  Destination: Erica Bruennle
  • 8km, 53 minutes. Muddy and slow
  • Temperature: down to -1.8c according to Garmin
  • OR Intersteller Bivy, EE 20 deg quilt, Thermarest Xtherm, Rumpl, Rab Dagwalkinjacket

The ride there was ok, cold and the Dyno light didn't provide enough to navigate properly. I left the green jacket and bike stuff on for a little bit to cool down and hopefully dry them out, then changed to warmer gear. I wore my grid fleece pants, and they weren't warm enough. Some warmer pants or more layers would have been good, but I wasn't uncomfortable. 

Had 3ish scoops of Huel for dinner, Chili Mac! Would do 4 next time. 

I read for a bit wrapped in the blanket, then went to bed around 10:00. Maybe 9:50.. Surprised I made it that far. Kindle was pretty slow when it was that slow!

Slept in the bivy, with the Rumpl wrapped underneath and a heat packet. I was warm enough until about 5:30 when I woke up first. In general, the quilt setup doesn't work great beyond maybe 5 degrees C. for being rated to -6, I guess it isn't too far off. 

Overall, pretty solid night for being as cold as it was. Managed to get packed up and out of there by 7:45, mainly because I had to find my headband (which was in my pocket the whole time). 

Setup, bivy/pad/quilt/pillow bedroll style. Worked well, will repeat

Dinner. Huel 3 scoops. Not enough

So comfort

Coffee right next to the bivy was key. 


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