February 26 Loffelsterz


  •  Destination: Erica Bruennle for sleeping, Loffelstertz Lake for Eating
  • 11km, 46 minutes. Fast roads
  • Temperature: down to 0, a little frost in the morning but not much. 
  • OR Intersteller Bivy, EE 20 deg quilt, Thermarest Xtherm, Rumpl, Rab Dagwalkinjacket
Three scoops of Huel still wasn't enough, but the Cajun pasta was pretty good. Ate dinner by the lake, but it was too windy to be comfortable sleeping there. 

Will likely try and stay at a trekking Erlebnis place next time with a proper campfire. We'll see. 

Sleeping was cold, slept with the Rumpl on top of the quilt/bivy which probably compressed the down. Managed a reasonable night's sleep either way. Sleep system still needs work..

Blaek coffee is great, and two is more than enough. 


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