June 28th Sodenburg

 Destination: Sodenburg

Distance: 8.14km, 49m, 292hm

Setup: Tarp, Thermarest xlite, EE quilt

Took the train to Hammelburg at 7, arrived at 8. Faffed around a bit and rode up to Sodenburg, a hill with an old Basalt mine at the top. I managed to get to dinner ready around 9:30. Set up the tarp poorly in the rain, and then laid down dry and tired. Couldn't sleep until around 1, but still work up at 5:30 with the light and birds. German summer!

Was treated to an amazing sunset though:

And some cool inverted clouds in the morning.


Tarp setup in the morning.. 
Saggy and wet , but I was warm and dry!

Coffee where the tarp was.. the moss made for a pretty soft bed. 


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