Rode this last Thursday, decided it was time to get the pictures off the camera and up into the internets..

Started with a bunch of climbing up loose switchbacks. I made a bunch of them, but some were pretty much impossible. Maybe sometime when it rains a bit to firm them up..

Stopped at a nice vista for a quick snack

After that the trail arrives at a parking lot, so I took a break and had some lunch... Then I saw this as I was about to get back into the woods.

Hmmm... Not the best time to be in the woods alone. I spent the quiet climbing formulating a plan for when the kitty decides it wants to play. It never showed up, so I took another break at the highest point of the ride.

Then it was a ridiculously fast and cool descent on a trail shared by motorcycles. as much as I think it's lame to use a motor out here, they sure make the trail nice.

Then I was back at the car... Click on any of the photos for more, complete with "geocoding"


Rob & Sarah said…
I have to agree, I love going down motorcycle trails. Except I'm always worried a motorcycle will run me over.
Ian said…
yes, motorcycles are great, except for the engine part. I clipped one last this summer coming down leverich. just a little shoulder check but still scary. Those are some buff looking trails.
jesse parker said…
I've only seen a few on these trails, they are easy to avoid though since you can hear them from a mile a way..

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