Gold Dust

Went for a ride at Palmer on Sunday, it was 60 degrees out. The trail was dry in all the spots that at least saw a little bit of sun. I'd say about 75%, something like that.

There is a lot of variety in this park, with a suprising location right smack in the middle of Colorado Springs.

From smooth hardpack clay

To Painful climbing up slickrock and gravel to a nice mesa.

Gee I wonder why it's called Yucca trail?

There was something interesting going on in downtown Colorado Springs. I saw this huge dust cloud and thought "those must be some strong winds", then got blasted with a good 50-60mpg gust. Boy I are smart, that's what my degrees brought me I guess...

Turns out this was the result of gold mining and the sub-prime lending crisis. The gold mining back in the day dumped all it's tailings somewhere called "west mesa", and a hundred years later a developer began building houses on top of them. Then the housing slump hit and the developer ran out of money to use to keep the exposed tailings wet so they don't blow away. So that dust has gold in it, not very much, but definitely some. Now it's somwhere in Kansas or at least south of here.

Maybe next time I'll go out with a butterfly net and catch me some gold.
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Rob & Sarah said…
I'd use a shop-vac

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