So it's been pretty busy the last week around here. The week started with St. Paddies day, and me completely forgetting to wear any sort of green. Like I have much of a choice with the whole work uniform thing. I made up for it by wearing green pants when Kara'n I went out to Phantom Canyon Brewing for some good ole' St. Paddies day festivities.

I opted for the special:

Kara wasn't so into the huge slab of beef, but had an equally festive mood:

That shamrock stayed on the top all the way to the end of the drink...

Work was pretty typical for the rest of the week except for an excellent corned beef, potato, and cabbage sandwich for lunch on Tuesday. I'm still working on the same machine and spend much of the end of the week looking for a collet. Seems the factory has been eating (pretty literally) through them a bit too fast and there wasn't any to be had that weren't needed by a machine making actual production parts. I didn't want to mess with those since I was validating a machine, and if I "ate" a collet production would stop on the machine I stole it from.. Which would be bad.......

Friday was my first attempt at an after-work ride. There's a great riding area right outside of work. It starts with a 1,000 acre open space and butts up to national forest for enough riding to fill a good year or so of exploring. I took some substandard pictures, but here's one from last September:

I'm pretty excited about regular after-work rides here and at Palmer Lake, a small town just up the road with another hundred or so miles of trails. Apparently the classic ride there ends at an old airplane wreckage.

When I got home I found a strange package in the mail:

I bet I know what that is....


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