From the high point on Captain Jacks, a good ride. A bit of snow on the north facing slopes, but the crushed granite makes it ridable even then. All the other slopes were dry.

This poor family was led by mom into the middle of the road, where she proceeded to stand there and watch here 6 kids try and get hit by a car. Being the good Samaritan I am, I chased them off the road and back into the woods. I didn't enjoy chasing stupid little deer at all, not one bit.. really.. Natural selection may not take too long with this family.

Rats like to eat..

My original gorrilapod broke, so I picked up this beast yesterday. Can hold my big camera and small camera, and about 4 rats I suppose.

And remember:


Anonymous said…
Everybody knows moree than I do. JP 6 7/8
jesse parker said…
You were the original Master Parker Z

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