Mount Herman

Went for a nice ride after work, and decided to bring the camera along. I'll skip the commentary and use the captions to tell the story.

I needed powerfood, so I used the vending machine at work to help me taste the rainbow:

I got a sweet altimeter watch from REI for 20 bucks. Someone returned it claiming it was stuck in "demo mode". The watch doesn't even have a demo mode and a 3 dollar battery later, I had a functional (but huge) altimeter for bikes and such. Helps me realize why I can't breathe.

The ride starts with some cool trail, then some fire road, then this. This trail is called stupid, and is part of the reason I invested in knee/shin pads. If the rocks don't get you, the sadistic scrub oak will.

Looks nice eh? I forgot to mention I forgot my bike shorts so I wore my slacks:

More rocks, further down the trail

My favorite part, a strange wasteland of dead trees, rocks, and shrubs. I'm not sure why there are no trees here, but I'll figure it out and let ya'll know.

another view without that annoying rider:

Then some seriously nice fast singletrack:

And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could.


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