So I did a similar loop to last time in North Cheyenne Canyon. or Canon with the little tilda thingy above the "n". It was a long ride, took me just under 6 hours at a fairly leisurely pace. The snow is almost all gone, I only hit one patch the entire ride I had to go through. I posted a bunch of pictures, so check 'em out.

There was still a lot of walking the bike uphill through rock gardens:

And then it got worse..

Views were rewarding though..

Weird deadfall at the top.. almost 11,000 feet!

Flowers up there too:

Cool mossy trail on the way down. I think I went through three distinct areas: alpine tundra, decomposed granite and pinyon pine, and evergreen forest with pondarosas.

And some sweet trail for the ending..

I tried to get a better map, but failed. So here's what it looked like, I think the elevation is pretty good, at least it doesn't exaggerate according to the software..

The end.


Unknown said…
looks pretty cool.

It snowed in Bozeman again today.

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