Things are going well here, we are really enjoying the new house and all that. Here are some pictures from two rides I did. One Tuesday and one last Sunday.

Sunday was at a nearby open space, not the best or biggest place for riding a bike, but had some good views and some nice albeit short trail.

Second ride was behind Mt. Herman, right next to Synthes. I rode some lesser known trails and didn't see another soul the whole time. I'm pretty happy to be so close to such good stuff. There are hundreds of miles of trails back here for me to explore. Could take a while.

Oh, and here are some flowers and other nature pictures. Happy 4th everyone!

I've lost alot of tubes to these little guys..

Velvety deer in the open space in central CO Springs


jesse parker said…
Testing.. add a note if you read this.
Unknown said…
Great pictures and cute picture of Bacala.

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